Arraignment Transcript 12/07/1996, on 12/06/1996 allegation by Citibank Branch Manager of "non-permission to possess" $40,000.00 in cash for which Citibank Branch manager claims to be "custodian" of funds alleging non-permission to possess cash/funds thereby effectuating a Felony Grand Larceny prosecution. Arraignmet in Manhattan Criminal Courts took place in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday Decmeber 7th....i was relseased from "The Tombs" at the Manhattan Criminal Court on Sunday December 8th in the late morning/early afternoon after having been arrested on Friday December 5th before noon. I requested this arraignment transcript on June 29th, 1998 at the 100 Center Street Court Reporters Office on June 28th, 1998, as the order form below shows.

I have inclueded the 12/7/1996 arraignment transcript below, and, a transcript from proceedings on April 5th 1998, which was one year from the previous proceedings in the docket, on April 5th 1997 proceedings I appeared at with Steve Frankel. i did not appear on April 5th 1998, on which date, as shown in the transcript below, Judge set the next calendar appearance for a year later, 4/5/1999 on which date I appeared and Judge Ellen Coin dismissed all charges. A transcript is on my website. Here are 12/7/1996 and 4/5/1998:






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Please note, today in 2015, my most contemporaneous related filings to the unresolved matter which displaced me to the Pier are my December 3 2014 filings in Amex v Dan, and, aff of service January 2015 and financial statement to NYHESC in the matter of Student Loans of DMR:


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