The calendar year 2013 is identical to the calendar year 1996…

Thursday December 5, 1996, the fourth business day following Thanksgiving 1996, I presented a "withdrawal from Insured Money Market Account" at the Citibank Teller's window at Citibank branch # 34, 48th street and 3rd Avenue Manhattan New York, for $40,000.00. I stated to the teller that  the balance might be insufficient, and I told the teller if less were available in the account, that I was not interested in any withdrawal. Management was consulted and the teller told me the funds were available,  that I should  go to the basement of the bank to count my 40,000.00, which I did.

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On Friday December 6 1996 a Citibank Branch Manager made statement to NYPD which caused my arrest on charges of Felony Grand Larceny.

Indicating that he was custodian of the withdrawn $40,000.00, the Citibank Branch Manager stated to NYPD that I Daniel M Rosenblum did not have permission to possess the  $40,000.00, thereby alleging Felony Grand Larceny against my person. Relying on the Branch Manager's statement as factual, NYPD arrested me. I was brought to "the Tombs"- the Manhattan prison below 100 Centre Street Friday December 6 th, and held there until very late 'Night Court' in the wee hours of the morning from Saturday December 7th to Sunday December 8th, when I was arraigned in front of Manhattan Criminal Court Judge William Leibovitz. Below is a copy of the  December 7th Arraignment.


Please note that the case was called in Manhattan Criminal Court at 100 Centre Street NY NY on 5 occasions only: the arraignment December 7 1996; February 10th 1997 (I was not present in court) April 7 1997; April 6 1998 (I was not present) and April 5 1999 (Dismissal of matter)

Here are  the court transcripts from my Arraignment 12/7/1996, and the transcript from the Dismissal 4/5/1999. Below is also a copy of the Original Complaint papers by NYPD/District Attorney, and a copy of my four page letter to the Supervising Judges Office  of Manhattan Criminal Court submitted to the Court during proceedings the day of dismissal 4/5/1999.


1) The transcript of proceedings April 5th 1999 in Manhattan Criminal Court for Docket # 96NO96424, People v Daniel M. Rosenblum. April 5th 1999 was the date that Felony Grand Larceny charges were dismissed in entirety.




Here is the Police Report to the District Attorney or the District Attorney Arraignment the moment I do not know what these papers from December 7th 1996 are formally referred to. Note that the document is dated Saturday 12/7/1996- but the document contains stamps marking receipt the day the charges were dropped, April 5th 1999by SSA, and Departmental Disciplinary Committee the same day; and Federal Reserve and OCC April 7th 1999: I was in court on April 5th 1999, then proceeded to personally file with SSA, Departmental Disciplinary Committee the same day. I didn’t file the same materials at the Federal Reserve or OCC till 2 days later, April 7th 1999.




Below is the four page letter which I submitted to Manhattan Criminal Court during the proceedings in court when the matter was dismissed. The letter contained 10 addenda, including 9 pages of materials I filed that day with the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, the NY District Attorney’s office, and the Social Security Administration. The cover page is marked as received by Office of Comptroller of Currency, DA Motions Unit, Departmental Disciplinary Committee, and the New York Office of the Federal Reserve Board. Subsequently the same letter was filed filed in Justice Courts in East Hampton, Southampton, and Manhattan Criminal Court by me in my defense for living without domicile during 1999 through 2005.

I was in court on April 5th 1999, then filed with SSA, Departmental Disciplinary Committee the same day. I didn’t file the same materials at the Federal Reserve or OCC till April 7th 1999. I had been living without domicile since October 1998


This webpage is published by Daniel M Rosenblum, owner of this website This page is published as supplement to webpage, a discussion of the above criminal docket 1996-1999. is a 16th Anniversary Commemorative Webpage for TTS Industries.

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