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$40,000.00 "Withdrawal from Insured Money Market Account",   Citibank 734 3rd Avenue @ 46th Street Manhattan NY, fourth business day following Thanksgiving 1996, by Daniel M Rosenblum

The calendar year 2013 is identical to the calendar year 1996…

Thursday December 5, 1996, the fourth business day following Thanksgiving 1996, I presented a "withdrawal from Insured Money Market Account" at the Citibank Teller's window at Citibank branch # 34, 48th street and 3rd Avenue Manhattan New York, for $40,000.00. I stated to the teller that  the balance might be insufficient, and I told the teller if less were available in the account, that I was not interested in any withdrawal. Management was consulted and the teller told me the funds were available,  that I should  go to the basement of the bank to count my 40,000.00, which I did.

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