Here is an example of what I was contending with in the hospital by February 6th 1997. I went into the hospital as described on my other webpage. I wanted to leave altogether, and submitted a sign out letter. When I did so, the hospital staff took away any privileges I had to leave even for half an hour, or to participate in recreational activities with the other patients, which I did not desire to do anyway. I was given this sheet of paper from one of the doctors, I believe Dr. Deborah Carver, who in fact I was quite fond of and respected, but disagreed with completely. Below the Carver letter are copies of my request for records which I wrote in June 1997. Note I was an inpatient at Payne Whitney Clinic in Manhattan February 3rd to February 27th 1997. The experience was a debacle, an absurd comedy of errors which was very unpleasant. I have much more documentation, this page is a work in progress. Importantly, Attorney Steve Frankel seems to have engineered my admission to Payne Whitney Clinic with a false patient history, while I was in the hospital he was paid an exhorbitant sum of money by my parents, and he held discussions with the Manhattan DA and Supervising Judges office implementing an unauthorized legal defense which utilized my admission to Payne Whitney Clinic as core to such unauthorized legal defense.