12/9/1996 Twenty First Century Digital established

On Monday morning, 12/9/1996 I established Twenty First Century Digital as a Sole Proprietorship at 60 Centre Street in Manhattan. First thing Monday morning December 9th 1996 I went straight from my apartment on 13th Street at Union Square to City Hall - one stop on the Lexington Avenue Express 4 or 5 subway- and established the Sole Proprietorship 'Twenty First Century Digital' at the New York County Clerk's Office  Room 109B in the basement of 60 Centre Street , the New York State Supreme Court building.  An image of my 12/9/1996 Business Certificate form X-201filing for a sole proprietorship can be viewed below.

Two days earlier, on Saturday 12/7/1996 I had been arraigned at 100 Centre Street, Manhattan Criminal Court, after a Citibank Branch Manager at 734 3rd Avenue at 46th Street alleged Felony Grand Larceny a day earlier, Friday December 6th following a withdrawal at Teller's Window of $40,000.00 on Thursday 12/5/1996 (the first Thursday following Thanksgiving, 1996)

(note Friday December 6th 1996 was the day The News Hour with Jim Lehrer reported that "7 simple words describing the stock market" ""Irrational exuberance and unduly escalating stock prices"uttered by then Chairman of the Federal Reserve Greenspan "sent markets around the world into a sharp downward spiral" : the Japanese stock market fell 3.2 percent, Hong Kong fell almost 3 percent, the German market fell 4 percent, London 2 percent, and the Dow in New York fell 145 points- about 2 percent- from 9:30 AM to 10 AM Friday December 6 1996)

There are also images below of my form T224 Amended Business Certificate 9/7/2007 changing the name of the 12/9/1996 Sole Proprietorship to 21st Century Digital from Twenty First Century Digital, and changing the 5/20/1996 TTS Industries Certificate. There are also images of the 2009 and 2011 US Patent and Trademark Registrations of 21st Century Digital Trademark in USPTO Commercial Classes 35, 36, 38, and 42 (Financial Services, Telecommunications, Advertising, and Internet Related Research and Development) based on applications for registration I wrote during December 2006 while on winter break from my first semester at New York Law School. I graduated New York Law School in 2009, did not sit for any Bar Exam, and entered NYU Stern School of Business, Executive MBA program during August 2009 graduating July 2011.