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The calendar year 2013 is identical to the calendar year 1996…on Monday December 9th, 1996, I established my 2nd of 3 Sole Proprietorships, "21st Century Digital" …{First, TTS Industries established May 20 1996,  second,  21st Century Digital established December 9  1996, and third TMTP USA Unlimited established October 30 1998 by Dan Rosenblum)

From Friday December 6th at about 10 or 11 AM through Sunday December 8th about 11:00 AM I had been in arrest processing at the NYPD 17th Precinct 3rd & 50th Street , incarcerated in 'the Tombs' (Manhattan House of Detention) and arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court , 100 Centre Street NY NY.   I slept very soundly more than 9 hours Sunday 12/8/1996 into Monday 12/9 1996 -  it had been difficult to get rest in the Tombs and the court system Friday 12/6/96 thru Sunday 12/8/96.

On Monday, 12/9/1996 I established Twenty First Century Digital, my second of three Sole Proprietorships which comprise of 21st Century Digital Group, with a filing at the New York County Clerk, 60 Centre Street New York NY.

21st Century Digital
I established 21st Century Digital Monday December 9, 1996, my second of three Sole Proprietoships established which comprise the 21st Century Digital Group with the goal to advance the way businesses and consumers conduct secure, regulated digital commerce using Internet technologies. We offer consultancy in the field of electronic commerce on the global computer  network of the 21st Century. 21st Century Digital  embraces the 21st Century Digital Network commercial model described throughout our website. In light of the 21st Century  Digital model, 21st Century Digital provides advice, consultancy, promotion, and marketing services in the fields of customer service, regulatory matters, business management, and business organization in accordance with our commercial  model in the fields of banking and financial services, intellectual property, electronic transfer of money, electronic transfer of trademarked data, and electronic transfer of copyrighted data. 21st Century Digital is available to provide consultancy regarding extended warranty services on service contracts relating to the 21st Century Digital Network Primary Network Component Classes  ('PNCC') of hardware, software, information carriers, and network administrators as described on our web pages. We are available to provide information, advisory and consultancy services relating to business and management or business administration in the 4 PNCC sectors, which includes the telecommunications and data transfer industries in general. Our focus in these regards is the 21st Century Digital model described on our website. This entails consultancy and advisory services in the field of telecommunication connectivity services for transfer of images, messages, audio, visual, audiovisual and multimedia works. It also entails advice, consultancy, promotion, and marketing services in the field of providing technical support services for the global computer network, usage of digital telecommunications network equipment on the global computer network,  and related global computer network services.
21st Century Digital established December 9, 1996, my second of three Sole Proprietoships established which comprise the 21st Century Digital Group:
TTS Industries established May 20 1996 by Dan Rosenblum
21st Century Digital established December 9 1996 by Dan Rosenblum
TMTP USA Unlimited established October 30 1998 by Dan Rosenblum 

I established my first Sole Proprietorship, TTS Industries, on May 20th, 1996, during the week in May 1996 of my first business loan application at Citibank NA, where I had been banking since 1989. (I had previously made one other business loan application, at US Bank of California, Lake Tahoe branch, during summer 1995)

I established my third and final component of 21st Century Digital Group, TMTP USA Unlimited, my third Sole Proprietorship, on Friday, October 30th, 1998, one day before I lost my domicile for the next five years, through January 2005. My lease expired at 26 East 13th Street, NY NY the next day, October 31 1998 (I lived at 26 East 13th for 3 years, from 11/1/1995 - 10/31/1998. I was anticipating renewing my lease for a fourth year while a student at Brooklyn Law School where I matriculated 8/17/1998, but I could not get a bank loan following the Citibank Felony Grand Larceny  of 12/6/1996 debacle- the charges were not dismissed till 4/5/1999). Thus, I could not renew my lease, vacated my apartment, and I lost my domicile the day after TMTP USA Unlimited was established, and lived without domicile through February of 2005. TMTP USA Unlimited is "Third Millennium Telecommunications Project USA Unlimited.

There are controlling business agreements between TTS, TMTP, 21st Century Digital, and Daniel M Rosenblum for use of the Trademark 21st Century Digital during 1996-2013 and continuing.
While living without domicile during 1998-2005, I necessarily slept/camped outside, almost exclusively at one of three locations : in Manhattan on Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Pier 34 which Pier houses the ventilation tower for the Holland Tunnel at Canal Street on the NY side of the tunnel, in East Hampton NY village at Wiborg Beach, or, in Southampton NY village at Old Town Beach. On limited occasion in 1998-1999 I slept/camped in Central Park, NY and also on limited occasion in the aftermath of the tragedy of 9/11/2001 I slept/camped nightly at Jacob Riis park in the Rockaways, NY, or near the Little Red Lighthouse in the park under the George Washington Bridge in Washington Heights, NY.

'TTS 2001 Title I' filed in Justice Courts in East Hampton, Southampton, and Manhattan Criminal Court by me in my defense for living without domicile during 1999 through 2005.



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