On the streets of East Hampton Village, the Village Speed Limit is 25 Miles Per Hour. Most of the time I lived in East Hampton circa 2000-2005 I rode my bicycle everywhere I went. I did not own a vehicle during those years, and today in 2013 I still have not purchased a vehicle. During 2002-2004 I also got around a lot on the Hampton Jitney, as I was working for the Jitney, and, a benefit was that I could ride the bus for free whether into the city or simply between towns in the Hamptons (I was also permitted to put my bike in the luggage compartment of the Jitney). Additionally, during several years I worked about five days around Columbus Day Weekend for the Hampton International Film Festival as a chauffer for the festival. Generally, this meant shuttling film producers and directors to the screenings of their movies, to their hotels, to dinners, and to parties for the five days of the festival. During 2001, I was given a speeding ticket on Dunemere Road, right near where I camped nightly on the beach. I took responsibility for the ticket rather than asking the Festival to pay for it. However, it really was not in my budget to pay for the ticket in the upcoming year. Therefore, I had regular appearance in the year 2001-2003 in East Hampton Village Justice Court for camping on the beach and for the speeding ticket I was unable to pay. Here is a picture of Dunemere Road close to Montauk Highway in East Hampton Village:


Here is another view of Dunemere Road, taken during Autumn. The view is looking south from Montauk Highway, the beach- Wiborg Beach- and the Atlantic Ocean is less than half a mile away, due south. I rode my bike to the beach on Dunemere practically every morning and every night with al my camping gear circa 2001-2005. It is a beautiful street, in proximity to the Village and the beach and the Film Festival venues. I think I was ticketed for doing 31 or 32 in a 25, with a $125 fine. But I barely had monies to get by in those years, I had no shelter, I had no tent yet.




Across Montauk Highway from Dunemere Road is the East Hampton Library.



Here are the computer terminals at the East Hampton Library where I worked on my court filings:



Dunemere Road will bring you to the Maidstone Club:


Dunemere Road will bring you to the Maidstone Club, and Wiborg Beach, pictured below. The view below on the beach is looking eastward, and, is about half a mile west of the Maidstone, which is the large brown structure visible to the east just north of the dunes. :


On Dunemere Road, if you make a right hand turn prior to the Maidstone Club, you are on Highway Behind the Ponds. The Highway Behind the Ponds is a short street of about a quarter mile or less connecting Dunemere to Wiborg Beach. Below is a picture of the entrance to Wiborg Beach from Highway Behind the Ponds. Every night I locked my bike in the parking lot off of Highway Behind the Ponds, and hiked to the west on the beach halfway to Main Beach to sleep for the night.

Ironically, I got the speeding ticket on Dunemere Road. I could not pay the ticket even though I wanted to, and I wrote my tolling motion in June of 2002, 8 months after I got the speeding ticket. Between October 2001 and March of 2003 the East Hampton Court dismissed several cases where I was charged with camping on the beach. However, in March, Judge Walker ordered that because I had not paid the fine I was sentenced to ten days in Suffolk County Jail, which I served.